Root Canal

Endodontic Therapy

Root Canal is a painless treatment to repair and save a tooth by removing the nerve and pulp of the tooth . Later the inside is cleaned, medicament is placed and sealed to prevent further infection to seep in . The root canal treatment makes the tooth weak, so a fixation of crown after the treatment is critical.

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How it works

Simple Steps for Root Canal


Drilling and opening

The dentist prepares the area by giving local anaesthesia & placing a dental dam to isolate the tooth. They then drill through the tooth to get access to the root canals and pulp chamber.

Save your teeth with our root canal treatment

Relieve yourself from suffering due to large cavities.

Get rid of pain & swelling caused from tooth abscess & decay

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I never expected a root canal to go so smoothly, had only heard how awful the process was. In matter of hours the team at had put my swelling and aches to rest with their pain-free root canal treatment. Love them.

Mr Rohit Kriplani


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  • It is a painless procedure as the treatment is performed under local anaesthesia. With advanced techniques, the procedure is also faster.
  • When there is no pus or swelling around the tooth, RCT can be completed in single appointment. If the degree of infection is more, 2-3 sittings are required for the completion of treatment.
  • As long as 1mm of tooth is visible all around, a tooth can be treated by RCT. Here the tooth will be reinforced by an additional structure called Post and Core, which act as a tooth foundation to withstand chewing forces.
  • It keeps the surrounding bone intact and the opposing tooth in the ideal position.